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   2 year warranty
​​Multiple attachments






This is the first case we designed. Our cases are engineered to stand up to the rigors of professional location shoots. For instance, the lid is designed to be pulled off while still tethered to the Boom Tube. We figured that a hinged lid could be accidentally snapped off under the pressure of a demanding shoot, especially in documentary filmmaking. Rugged D-rings hold the shoulder strap and lid tether strap. Dense foam, top and bottom, protects your boom pole while in the case.


Additionally, each Boom Tube comes with a two-year warranty that includes parts and labor. This is protection for you and your boom pole. Essential gear is only good if it is in working condition.The Boom Tube offers that protection.


Boom Tubes come in 7 sizes, for poles 16"

(40cm) collapsed, all the way up to poles like the Ambient QP4140, which is 61"(155cm), collapsed. We even make a case for the K-Tek K113CC(R) articulated pole and Loon poles with Wing attachment.



Boom tube features

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