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You’re going on location and you know the wind will be blowing. Be ready to roll sound immediately with Softi-Case. It’s designed to safely carry your favorite shotgun microphone in a Rycote or other brand of windshield. (Plus, a Softie microphone boom mount will also fit inside the Softie-Case.) Made from tough ABS plastic, Softie-Case is lightweight -- yet engineered to withstand the punishment of shooting out of the studio. Its lid is precision fit to keep our dust and moisture. And with the optional mounting kit, you can attach the Softi-Case to a Boom Tube boom pole case.  So now you have a lightweight and very portable storage and carrying system, leaving your hands free. 


Softie-Case is available in three lengths and four colors: Black, Blue, Yellow and Silver. And each Softe-Case comes with a two-year warranty that includes parts and labor. 


Softi-Case is currently unavailable.  Please check back from time-to-time for updates.

As reliable as you are.

Softi case features

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