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We started making Boom Tubes as a result of our boompoles being damaged during shoots and in shipping. I couldn’t stand to see my expensive, unprotected boompoles being tossed into car trunks or the back of vans. It was a perfect recipe for equipment and professional failure. At that time, no one made a durable, tough, yet lightweight case specifically for internally –cabled carbon fiber or lightweight aluminum poles. Alfa Case solved that problem. And now with the introduction of MicTube and Softi-Case, all of your valuable sound gear can now have the same great portable protection.



Each Alfa Case is manufactured in the United States, assembled by hand and is inspected and tested to insure proper fit and function. It’s why we can confidently offer a two-year warranty on parts and labor. All you pay for is shipping.

As reliable as you are.

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm




Alfa Case Company

3376 Commercial Ave.

Northbrook, Il 60062

Tel: 847.770.6270

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